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SightRead For the Partially Sighted Musician.


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The new range of digital music stands from SightRead is finding new friends amongst partially sighted musicians, students and their teachers.

With large, clear sensitive new touch-screens, enlarged sheet music can now be viewed by partially sighted musicians more easily than ever thought possible. 

The pre-installed PowerMusic AF software with its ability to make the notes more legible by changing size or by using different display colours is immensely powerful. It has been developed to incorporate many features suggested to us by partially sighted musicians over the many years we have been working in this field.

Enlarged Sheet Music

Enlarged sheet music on CV24

Seen here with a full sized piano keyboard it is clear to see that with the large 24 inch monitor on the VI24 touch screen, sheet music can be greatly enlarged to enhance readability.

Power Music AF provides the flexibility to adapt the size of the notation to suit the individual musician's requirements. It is ideally suited to display Modified Stave Notation as used by the RNIB.

Optimised Colour Combinations

Colour combination with music notation

The ability to display notation in different contrasting  colours on the  VI24 enables the Musician to select suitable colours which can greatly improve the music's  clarity and ease of reading.

Power Music AF allows any combination of Foreground and Background Colour which the partially sighted musician finds best for their own needs.

(Please note these are actual in-situ photographs, not simulated screens) 

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Click on the buttons below for more information about MSN and the RNIB's services for Musicians.

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MSN enlarges the sheet music generally and makes a score more consistent, but it also alters the proportions involved. For example, the gaps between notes from left to right are not enlarged as much as the vertical gaps between the stave lines.

To learn more about Modified Stave Notation please read the description on the RNIB website here or click the button above.

For further information about the RNIB’s services for partially sighted musicians click here or on the button above.