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Key Perfect 1

Why not try Simplified Music Notation? 


Simplifed Music Notation is a training aid to help develop sight reading skillls and encourage students to overcome their fear of difficult keys from the start.

Simplified Music Notation

As you can see from the example above, it keeps all the original information in the score intact. However it removes the need to remember accidentals and key signatures while playing.

Sharps and flats are each represented by their own unique symbol. Click her for full instructions.

SightRead has been involved for many years with making the reading of sheet music easier through electronic display systems, hands-free page turning devices and large format screens for the partially sighted. The pioneering use of coloured scores is helping dyslexic musicians and now we see Simplified Music Notation as a useful addition for students with working memory problems or learning difficulties.

We intend to develop these pages further in conjunction with the Creative Arts Research Trust but in the meantime please click on the link below for full product information.

Download Simplified Music Notation Brochure

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The Creative Arts Research Trust has published a range of Music Books which use Simplified Music Notation.

These books are intended for musicians with all levels of ability and by showing both traditional notation and Simplified Music Notation they enable learners to see how their sight-reading skills are developing.

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